Sunday, 9 December 2012

Painful By Kisses - I Want To Runaway But My Heart Sayin No!! (Acoustic Version)

The day that I saw so clear yerterday
Today just turned into the blackest sky
Full fill with bunch of fake things
That always make me hurt…
Crying alone in the darkness
The only way that I could do…

Cause I forgot when I started to smile

Only tears that I can feel right now
You broke my heart into pieces. . alone!!

( Reff )
When I start to runaway,
From this fact that I got now
I face this deep edge, fall inside
I’m full with scars, hurt and fragile
I can’ hide it from my eyes…
You hurt me again and again!

Now you say that you love me too…
That it doesn’t seen like what you do
See in my heart
You never gonna see
Love anymore
Don’t be sad
If I leave you
Someday all alone

Can you understand me?
Can you know what I want?
Can you feel this pain inside?
Can you see that I love you?!!

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